The IoT Challenge is a 3 day making challenge where you will get together into teams, be given some equipment and have a go at tackling a real world challenge using IoT technologies! Whatever your experience level, even if you are a completed beginner or want to learn the basics of coding and working with hardware, come along and learn something new in a fun, relaxed environment.

Even if you do not know exactly what IoT means, this is your chance to learn and make something you can be proud of.

We will have workshops and mentors throughout the event, so you will receive all the support you need.

Lunch is provided across all three days. The event will run everyday between 9:30AM and 5PM.

On the last day you will present your ideas to industry experts and professionals. Prizes will be awarded and you will have a chance to attend drinks and networking at the end of the day.

The schedule for the event is as follows:

Wednesday 20th of February:
09:30 - Tea / coffee / biscuits at arrival
10:00 - Welcome, challenges presented
10:45 - Team formation and challenges assigned
11:15 - First technical workshop
12:00 - Lunch
13:00 - Second technical workshop
16:00 - Data privacy & ethics workshop
17:00 - Conclusion

Thursday 21th of February:
10:00 - Daily stand up
17:00 - Conclusion

Friday 22nd of February:
10:00 - Daily stand up
13:00 - Lunch with industry partners
14:00 - Group presentations
15:00 - Judging starts
15:00 - Industry expert presentation
15:30 - Awards
16:00 - Final conclusion
16:15 - Drinks and networking

This event is organised and supported by the Embedded and Robotics Society (EaRS), The School of Informatics, Information Services Group and Design Informatics.


When submitting płease remember the following:

The people judging your projects won't be familiar with them or with the challenge, make sure to provide context on both!

Make sure to link the presentation you are using so the judges can review it after. You want to give them every chance to give you marks.

If your code is available online then it's also a good idea to link it in your submission.

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Prizes to be announced at closing ceremony!

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Industry Experts

Industry Experts

Judging Criteria

  • Novelty
    How interesting/novel is the idea of the project?
  • Execution
    How well does the project function and do what it should?
  • Teamwork
    How well does the team appear to have collaborated and shared the work?
  • Use of IoT
    How well has the team used IoT technologies in order to achieve their goal?
  • Design
    Is the interface interesting and understandable? Have they thought about the user experience both of the software and hardware components?
  • Business Potential
    Does the solution exhibit ease of adoption and potential for sustainable revenue generation?
  • Data Privacy and Ethics
    Does the project take into consideration data privacy and ethics issues?
  • Challenge Relevance
    How well does the project tackle a given challenge?

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